A Little About Me...

Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you will enjoy viewing my dolls as much as I have enjoyed collecting them. It's been so long that dolls have been a part of my life that I can hardly remember how it all started.  Somewhere back in 1984 I came across a doll that caught my interest.  She was a small reproduction doll made by the Franklin Mint dressed in an old fashioned sailor outfit.  I bought her on a whim, and as the saying goes "bet you can't have just one" ... and so it began.  My collecting tastes have taken so many different turns throughout the years, but I still treasure some of my earlier dolls.  Among my favorites are the Lenci dolls produced in Italy, and the sweet faces of the Kathe Kruse dolls.  There are so many original doll artists that hold a special interest to  me that I couldn't begin to name them all.  The sereneness of Karen Blandford's dolls and the beauty of Jan McLean's work are but a few. With the introduction of the Gene fashion doll, designed by Mel Odom around 1985, my collection turned to the 15"-16" fashion dolls.  Robert Tonner's beautiful dolls are plentiful in my collection.  I love collecting dolls dressed in period fashions, as you will see in my OOAK section.  The beautiful fashions of John Burbridge are among my favorites and having seen a few of his exhibits in person, can attest to his mastery of fashion.

Today, my main focus is on the ball jointed dolls; my favorites being the beautiful resin dolls made by Volks in Japan.  These are the dolls that dominate my BJD collection.

I enjoy displaying my dolls in vignettes, and take great pride in my collection.  All my dolls are kept in glass cabinets throughout my house.  All the dolls in my collection have special meaning to me, and even though my tastes are always changing, I enjoy every one of the dolls I have collected throughout the years.

Marianna, my sister and best friend, shares the same interest and enthusiasm in  doll collecting as I do, and we spend endless hours consuming our hobby.  We look forward to yearly doll conventions, doll shows and exhibits.  Through my hobby, I have made so many wonderful long lasting friendships within the doll collecting community.

My Family

The main source of my pride are my two wonderful children and 7 grandchildren.  My son Mark and his lovely wife Carolyn have three children ...Catherine, Matthew and Louis.  Mark lives in England, so I do not get to see him and his family as much as I would like to, but we do try to get together at least twice a year, either in England or New Jersey.  My daughter Michele has  four beautiful daughters ... Jessica, Jeana, Julia and Jaclyn.  She lives in the same town as me, so I get to spend a lot of time with all of them.