My Bear Collection


Sienna is an 8" panda, made from beige and light brown faux fur.  She is a OOAK bear hand made by Maureen Batt of MawsPaws Creations in England.  She is filled with polyfibre and glass beads, with black glass eyes and hand painted eye patches.  Her cashmare foot pads and nose are hand stitched.



Water Lily
Water Lily is a 6" panda made by Maureen Batt of MawsPaws Creations.  She is made of luxury faux fur and filled with polyfibre and glass beads.  Her eyes are solid black glass with painted eye patches.  She has ultra-suade fabric pads with stitched claws and a hand stitched lilac nose with a black outline.



And yet another MawsPaws bear.  Fearne is a 4" miniature bear made from sassy long pile of white/green fabric.  She is filled with polyester steel shote/grass granules and has black onyx bead eyes with ultrasuede foot pads which are stitched and shaded and a green nose with black outline