Various Doll Displays Throughout My House

Cabinet in First Floor Hallway
Small Dolls in cabinet... Bleuettes, Rosettes and Ann Estelles

Emily Ann and Ruby by Jan McLean

Volks Ishao and Anais

Living Room Cabinets
Genes - Tonners - Cissys

Living Room

Antique French Reproduction Dolls

Collection of Seraphim Angels

Computer/TV Room
Kish Spirit of Seasons Collection - Re-Imagination Dolls - Clea Bella Ballet Dolls -
Effanbee Toni Dolls

Computer/TV Room
Display of 12" Antique Repro French Fashion Ladies

Small Doll Room
This is a small alcove on my second floor - about 8'X10' with wall to wall cabinets

Cloth Dolls ... Lenci, Kathe Kruse, Shirley Peck, Antique Repros
and ... more BJD's

More BJD's

Cabinet of OOAK Period Style Dolls, Tonners, Genes and Alex

Genes and Tonners

Bedroom Cabinet
Alice in Wonderland & Queen of Hearts' Dolls - Ellowyne -
Tonner American Models

Christmas 2006