Angel Dolls Museum
Exquisite Collection of Antique and Contemporary Dolls

Arcadia Dolls
(Designers of Beautiful Period Style Outfits)

A Star is Born
(Michele Michael's Beautiful Gene Collection)

Atelier SODA
Exquisite Clothing for BJD's

Bisque Beauties
Antique Reproduction Dolls by Suzanne McBrayer

Connie Drake's Doll Studio
(Beautiful Antique Reproduction Dolls)

Crawford Manor
Exquisite Customized Dolls by Cheryl Crawford

Dreamgirl Originals

Facets by Marcia

Inma's Doll Collection

Lady of Finavon - Historical Dolls

Lady With The Dog
(Ann Marie's Wonderful BJD Crew)

Land of OZ Dolls
(Beautiful Antique Reproduction Dolls)

Little Ladies of Fashion

Madeline Fox Dolls

MawsPaws Creations
Beautiful OOAK Custom Made Bears by Maureen Batt

Mary Benner - Doll Artist


Prego - A Fashion Doll Discussion Board

The Studio Commisary - Gene Board

I.C.O.G - In Celebration of Gene

Zone of Zen (BJD Board)


Kitchen Table Dolls
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