Born:  May, 2007

I've never been much of a pet person, but my daughter Michele always loved cats since she was a young girl.  So, we always had either a cat or dog when my children were growing up.  Being on my own now and retired, I like to travel and spend time with friends, so I haven't had any pets.  Until, one day my daughter called me in distress.  She was at the dentists' office and the receptionist had found an adorable little baby kitten on her way to work.  The kitten was in the middle of the road ... stranded and frightened as cars drove around and over him.  She  pulled over and got the kitten, put him in her car and brought him to work with her.  He was only about a month old and apparently wandered away from his Mother.  Since Michele's husband is allergic to cats, she begged me to take him in rather then have him go to a shelter.  So I agreed, and this is how Oliver came to live with me.

Oliver was a very mischievous little kitten and was always getting into my things and finding little secret places to hide in.  Sometimes I couldn't find him for hours.  But, he was a darling little playful kitty, and I must admit ... he was really starting to grow on me.

In December, when he was around 8 months old, he managed to sneak out the door as it was left slightly ajar.  My biggest complaint with him was that he always wanted to get out.  I was afraid to let him out because of all the dangers facing a small animal outside.  It was about an hour before I realized he wasn't around.  I searched throughout the house ... then went outside and started calling his name around the yard.   I couldn't believe my eyes when I heard a purring and looked up ... there was Oliver halfway up a tree.  It was December and there were no leaves on the tree and it was freezing.  He was so confused and couldn't figure out how to get down, so he kept climbing higher and higher.  My son tried to climb the tree, but it only seemed to frighten him and he kept going higher.  This tree was in front of my yard and was at least 3 stories high.  What an ordeal.  Poor Oliver was up there for more than 24 hours.  There was a threat of an ice storm coming by nightfall so in desperation we called and begged the Fire Dept to please help us.  We were finally able to get him down, but it was a harrowing experience to say the least.

That little orange speck at the top of the tree is Oliver...


Oliver's favorite spot is hanging out on the windowsill.  I wonder if he remembers his terrible experience at the top of the tree right outside the window.  Sometimes I think he is talking to the birds and squirrels in the tree as he makes strange little cat sounds as he peers out.

His Favorite Past Time ...

As he looks today ... a full grown cat.