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featuring Wigs by Monique and Kio

The Wig Shop at Facets features Monique wigs and some custom stlyes in sizes to fit fashion dolls and BJD's.   Please check back periodically to see new styles.

If there is a Monique wig (style/size/color) that is not listed on my website, I can get it for you.

Click here for a more in depth size guide - I will try to keep this updated when customers tell me sizes for particular dolls

Size 3 For Amelia Thimble
Size 4 For Fashion Royalty, Barbie, Puki Puki, Tiny Kitty, small BJD's (28cm)
Size 4-5 For Ficon, AvantGuard, Numina, Sybarite (except Slipper and Inque #1), JAMIEshow, Deva Dolls, Kingdom Dolls, Joe Tai 16" Dolls, ChicLine and 8" Goodreau dolls.
Please see sizing note below
Size 5-6  A-J
Size 5-6 K-Z
For Tyler, Sybarite (4-5 is better for Sybs, but Slipper and Inque need a 5-6), Gene, Alex, CED, R&D Angels, AvantGuards (4-5 is better - need wig cap with size 5-6), Kinetic Dolls, Puki Fee, Lati, Sad Sally, etc.
Please see sizing note below
Size 6-7 For Unoa, Narae 43cm, Evangeline Ghastly, Kitty Collier, Evangeline Ghastly and bald Ellowyne Wilde, Iplehouse JID, Goodreau vinyl BJDs, Patsy
Size 7-8 For MSD's, Goodreau resin BJD's, Tonner 22" American Models, Effner 13" Little Darlings, and Ellowyne Wilde (6/7 recommended for most)
Size 8-9 For many 60cm BJD's, Pullips (with some effort), Wilde Imagination's Patience

For descriptions of variegated colors for Monique Gold Label wigs and color comparison photos, click here


Wrap a cloth tape measure around the circumference of your doll's head just behind the ears and across the forehead. Measurement should be in inches.

EXAMPLE: If your measurement of the dolls head is 6 5/8" a wig size of 6/7 is correct. 

Most wigs have a stretch type cap which provides flexibility in sizing. This stretch cap makes it easier to place the wig on the dolls head.


How to keep wigs on your dolls

1.  Silicone Wig Caps - shown at right

2.  Velcro - Use a small square or circle of adhesive velcro on the doll's head.  I do not recommend the prickly side which snags the hair.  Some dolls come with the prickly side Velcro dots - I recommend peeling it off and using something else before they ruin your wigs.

3.  Moleskin - Available in the foot care aisle of a drug store.  This is adhesive and provides about the same amount of friction on the head as the softer side of Velcro.

4.  Double sided tape - Holds fine, but needs to be changed frequently.

Silicone Wig Caps

These stretchy clear silicone wig caps give an ideal non-slip surface and help with wig fit if a wig is not quite the right shape or a little too large for the head.  They are sized to sit on the pate of the head, but can be trimmed if needed.  

Silicone wig caps are available in sizes:

  • 3 for Amelia Thimble and tiny BJD's
  • 4 (for Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Puki Puki and 23cm BJD's) 
  • 5 (for Sybarite, Tyler, Gene, Kinetic) 
  • 6-7 (for CED's, Ellowyne, Evangeline)
  • 7-8 (for Tonner American Models and Mini-BJD's)
  • 8-10 (for 60cm BJD's)

$6 each - any size



Sybarite, AvantGuard, JamieSHOW and Numina dolls can wear either a size 4/5 or a size 5/6 wig.  The size 4/5 is a snug fit and the size 5/6 is loose (silicone wig cap or other holding method highly recommended).  So, which size should you pick? 

Size 4/5 Pro Size 4/5 Con Size 5/6 Pro Size 5/6 Con
  • Snug Fit

  • Some styles not available

  • More styles available

  • Loose Fit (wig cap recommended)

Some styles come in both 4/5 and 5/6.  The size 5/6 will give a fuller style.  Here are 2 examples:


Size 4/5
Size 5/6


Size 4/5
Size 5/6


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