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The 5/6 Wig Shop at Facets
for Tyler, Sydney, Sybarites, Gene, Alex, R&D Angels, CED, Kinetic Dolls and other similarly sized fashion dolls.
I am not affiliated with any of the doll manufacturers, but am using their dolls as models for these wigs.

Size 5-6 Wigs A-J  

  Size 5-6 Wigs K - Z

For fitting these wigs on most dolls, they need to be bald or have very closely cropped hair.  I have used Tyler Trends Tyler & Sydney for some of the photos and I recommend pulling their hair back in a ponytail to help hold it back while putting on the wig.  Click here for a photo. 

Tips for holding wigs on your bald doll's head

  • Silicone Wig Caps - shown at right

  • Velcro - Use a small square or circle of adhesive velcro on the doll's head.  I do not recommend the prickly side which snags the hair.  Some dolls come with the prickly side Velcro dots - I recommend peeling it off and using something else before they ruin your wigs.

  • Moleskin - Available in the foot care aisle of a drug store.  This is adhesive and provides about the same amount of friction on the head as the softer side of Velcro.

  • Double sided tape - Holds fine, but needs to be changed frequently.

Silicone wig caps are available in sizes:

  • 3 for Amelia Thimble and tiny BJD's
  • 4 (for Barbie, Fashion Royalty, Puki Puki and 23cm BJD's) 
  • 5 (for Sybarite, Tyler, Gene, Kinetic) 
  • 6-7 (for CED's, Ellowyne, Evangeline)
  • 7-8 (for Tonner American Models and Mini-BJD's)
  • 8-10 (for 60cm BJD's)

$6 each - any size

Silicone Wig Caps on Sybarite and Antoinette

These stretchy clear silicone wig caps give an ideal non-slip surface and help with wig fit.  They are sized to sit on the pate of the head, but can be trimmed if needed.   These are really terrific!  Try it for one doll and you'll want one for all of them!

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Need a cool way to display your size 5/6 wigs when your doll isn't wearing them?

These resin busts are available with hats in the 16" Millinery section!

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Gene� is a registered trademark of The Ashton-Drake Galleries� and was created by Mel Odom. Tyler� is a trademark of Robert Tonner.   Barbie� is a trademark of Mattel.   I have no affiliation with these or any other doll companies.